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Atmel Ships New ARM Cortex M0+ Processor-based MCUs in Volume

In this era of the Internet of Things (IoT), products used in building automation, consumer electronics, smart metering, and industrial controls are becoming smarter and more connected. With Atmel's new SAM D20 MCU available to the mass market, designers now have access to a new Cortex M0+ based MCU to easily add more intelligence and connectivity to next-generation IoT devices.

The new series combines innovative and proven technologies including intelligent peripherals with Atmel's Event System and capacitive touch support for button, slider and wheel capability and proximity sensing. The new SAM D20 series is supported by the latest

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28 Aug
ARM Community @ARMCommunity
RT @designreuse: @Atmel Ships New #ARM #Cortex M0+ #Processor-based MCUs in Volume http://t.co/Ac6TsoVkf3 #semIP
28 Aug
DesignAndReuse.com @designreuse
#Atmel Ships New #ARM #Cortex M0+ #Processor-based MCUs in Volume http://t.co/JfGUV0JUPt #semIP