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Apple M7 From NXP, Says Chipworks

NXP Semiconductors makes the M7 sensor controller used in the new Apple iPhone 5S and Samsung makes the phone's A7 processor, according to a teardown by Chipworks (Ottawa). The iPhone 5S hit the market on September 20. Chipworks was among many companies rushing to post teardowns and analyses of its internal workings."The M7 has been a difficult chip to locate on the board and rumors have been going around about the lack of a discrete M7 chip inside the iPhone 5S," Chipworks analysts said in their online report."Luckily, we’ve been able to locate the M7 in the form [of] the NXP LPC18A1, [part of] the LPC1800 series [of NXP'

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20 Sep
Rick Merritt @rickbmerritt
Chipworks: #Apple #iPhone5S #M7 is an NXP chip, not a custom design. #A7 made in Samsung 28nm fab. Pix at http://t.co/BRHt7NGnLV @Chipworks