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How Broadcom’s HULA Helps GPS Work Better in Crowded Cities

Fredric Paul

With global positioning capabilities baked into most modern smartphones, it’s easy to take GPS for granted. Yet, pinpointing a location to a detailed spot on the planet is actually a lot more complicated than it looks.While GPS works great in most situations, it can be less than optimal in dense urban environments, such as the crowded downtown areas of major cities where billions of people live and work.These so-called “urban canyons” can reflect and even block GPS signals, causing significant errors. In these kinds of environments, with very few direct satellite views, unaided GPS can be off anywhere from tens of meters to even kilometers in

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20 Sep
indsemiforum @indsemiforum
RT @Broadcom: HULA tech uses satellites & sensors to boost location signals in smartphones to avoid “jumps” in GPS: http://t.co/s34skACZAc