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Team OCaholic set new PCMark 7 and PCMark Vantage world records during an overclocking event in Glattfelden, Switzerland, and the team did it with a bit of help from Samsung, which provided them with the coolest looking tree we've ever seen. Instead of branches and leaves, Samsung's tree consisted of a dozen SSD 840 Pro 256GB solid state drives (SSDs) and cable connectors tucked almost completely out of sight.All 12 drives comprised a single, ginormous RAID 0 array using an Areca ARC-1882ix-24-4GB RAID controller. Other parts of the build included a liquid nitrogen cooled Intel Core i7 4770K processor running at 5.5GHz (stable) with an IGP clockspeed

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11 Sep
Samsung Semicon @SamsungSemiUS
U might not be into nature, but this is a cool "tree". (12) 256GB 840Pro SSDs together break a benchmarking record. http://t.co/VIglNjsB0D