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Saving lives one eCall at a time

With more and more vehicles on the road comes a greater potential for accidents. Technology designed for in-vehicle safety (i.e. back-up cameras, crash avoidance systems) offers significant preventative measures but accidents do – and will – still happen. That’s where technology such as eCall (emergency call) comes on the scene.A vehicle equipped with an eCall module (or eCall system) can enable automatic transmission of GPS coordinates of the vehicle/driver in case of an emergency like a car accident. It will also allow the driver and/or passengers to contact an emergency service center to ask for help (such as medical assistance) and communicate

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17 Oct
Texas Instruments @TXInstruments
Arthi Krishnamurthy shares how eCall can save your life in his latest Behind the Wheel blog: http://t.co/xDIZeSqpAB #TIAutomotive